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  Xinxiang Dingcheng Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd is the professional Compound Rubber, Natural Reclaimed Rubber, EPDM Unvulcanizated Rubber, NBR Compound, Silicone Rubber Compound, Viton Rubber ect products the manufacturer. Our Company established in 1996 and in the City of Xinxiang Henan, convenient transportation, the environment beautiful. The strength of the company, advanced equipment, excellent technology, and has a complete, scientific quality management system.

  Company's main products are: mixed rubber, natural reclaimed rubber (NR) and ethylene propylene diene mixed refining rubber (EPDM) and nitrile mixing rubber (NBR), (q) silicone rubber, fluorine rubber (FPM), styrene - butadiene rubber mixing rubber (SBR), conductive mixed refined rubber, environmentally friendly flame retardant rubber, polybutadience mixing rubber (BR), chloroprene Hunlian rubber (CR), butyl rubber (IIR), polyurethane, reclaimed rubber, chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), on the other the company on behalf of the design and production of rubber products, and recycling second-hand rubber machinery and equipment. Product sales and service network covering all parts of the country, with "unique products and quality services" in the industry reputation.

  The company has consistently adhered to the purpose of "integrity first, quality first small profits but quick turnover", with high quality products, good reputation, quality of service, the products sell well throughout the country, and has been recognized by many customers. Welcome to visit our company and business together.


Person Name:Mr.Wei

Phone Number:18737355333

Fax Number:+86-0373-5423130


Adress:DaKuai Town FengQuan District XinXiang City

Xinxiang Dingcheng Rubber And Plastic Co.,Ltd
Over the years specializing in the production of
rubber products

Person Name:Mr.Wei Phone Number:18737355333
Fax Number:+86-0373-5423130
Adress:DaKuai Town FengQuan District XinXiang City