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Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball

Many parts of the vibrating screen, both division and cooperation between the various components, make the whole machine reasonable they carry out their duties effectively. The working process of vibrating screen, the screen is blocked is always need to deal with the problem, in order to deal with cleaning the screen mesh blockage problem emerged.

Rubber ball bouncing is a special vibrating screen of the bouncing ball, its main role is to screen work in the vibration when the bouncing ball force punching plate kept jumping up and down, back and forth on the screen, in order to achieve clean screen, improve the network penetration rate of.

The appearance of the rubber ball:

Ordinary rubber bouncing ball for opaque white solid rubber ball, usually installed in the punching plate and screen, it uses its elastic force and weight, with vibration screening run bouncing, clean up on a vibrating screen, to prevent clogging.

The advantages and disadvantages of the rubber ball

Advantages: individual weight, good elasticity, low cost etc.

Disadvantages: poor tolerance to temperature, at a certain temperature, it loses its elasticity and other types of an elastic ball vibration sieve, but also prone to falling. Not suitable for use in the treatment of special material and vibration sieve in special environment.

Common specifications of rubber balls:

The rubber balls widely used in vibration screens are 25mm,28mm and 30mm.



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